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Students leave graduate programs and enter highly diverse work environments.  It doesn’t matter if they join a pediatric setting, a school, or a geriatric setting.  It doesn’t matter if they move to rural or urban locations.
Understanding the role that culture and second-language influence have on communication is crucial to effectively diagnosing and treating all disorders.  Now, you can easily add this critical element to your curriculum.
Here are 3 great ways that colleges and universities are using their grant money and funding to ensure their students and staff have access to rich and applicable information on cultural and linguistic diversity.

  1. Start by selecting the number of students you have in the box below.
  2. Create a group name. It can be anything (e.g. ASUCSD1505)
  3. Choose the courses. You can read more about all of the courses here.
  4. Click add to cart. The price is calculated on the following page. $10/student/course. $40/student for 3 courses or more.

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To keep things affordable each course costs $10 per student and there is a huge discount for choosing three or more courses.

The cost for accessing the courses depends on the number of students you enroll and the number of courses you choose.
1 courses is $20 per student
2 courses are $40 per student
3-10 courses are $59 per student

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