Bilingual Language Evaluation Case Study: Step by Step from Referral to Report

1 hour

Course Type: Video

Evaluating bilingual students is challenging. In this course, we walk through the process from the initial referral through the written evaluation. We select assessment instruments, review standardized and informal measures, design a quick dynamic assessment, review the results, and write it all up.

Bilingual students are often misdiagnosed as having language impairments when, in reality, they are demonstrating errors that are normal in the process of acquiring two languages. One of the hardest parts for speech-language pathologists is integrating the information from the two different languages to determine whether the student is making errors as a result of a language difference or a language disorder. In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate this process with a case study. We’ll start with the referral documents and show how those drive our selection of assessment tools. We’ll then use the results of the formal and informal measures to identify areas to probe further using a dynamic assessment approach. We’ll then take all of the results into account to make a diagnostic decision. Finally, we’ll write it all up into a succinct, informative report.

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