Certificate in Cultural & Linguistic Diversity

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16 hours
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Become highly competent in serving and reducing your caseload and become a leader in your professional community.

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  • Identify the difference between disorder and second-language influence
  • Effectively evaluate students from second-language backgrounds

Improve your students’ success in therapy

  • Successfully treat all types of speech sound disorders
  • Reduce therapy planning with literacy-based intervention
  • Increase student interest with culturally-rich therapy

Improve your professional interactions

  • Collaborate with teachers to improve the referral process
  • Increase parent involvement
  • Effectively evaluate students from second-language backgrounds
  • Ethically reconcile difficult situations

This series of 10 online presentations is packed with downloadable therapy materials, goal banks, charts of developmental norms, and parent/teacher resources!

For more information on cultural competence visit: Cultural Competence Resource on ASHA’s Practice Portal


NOTE:  You will receive the Certificate of Completion for the entire course once you have passed ALL individual lessons.  

9 reviews for Certificate in Cultural & Linguistic Diversity

  1. Keith Lebel

    As a speech-language pathologist a school setting, I encounter a wide variety of children from diverse backgrounds. This course provided me essential, readily applicable information to ensure that I take steps to appropriately diagnose and treat my students. I use this knowledge base in my own work, and also in providing professional development and consultation to other educators, administrators, and parents. Because of my knowledge of theory and practice in this area, I also have a competitive edge for finding jobs and I am viewed as an expert in this area of practice. This is an essential course for any SLP dealing with a diverse caseload.
    Keith R. Lebel, MA, CCC-SLP

    • scott

      Glad this is useful and thank you for sharing your knowledge with your community. We can easily treat children from any culture and language background provided with the right information. Hats off to you!

  2. Fernando Aguirre

    I have enjoyed and benefitted from the content. However, I found the audio transitions distracting with volume changes and sometimes background noises. I would have enjoyed more live child videos too for demonstration purposes–some were just audio. Last, in one of the early sessions I viewed there was talk of a few outdated assessments (such as the PLS-4), which I thought should be updated for public consumption. All things considered, I would definitely still recommend the course for people engaged in related speech therapy work.

    • scott

      Thanks for the comment. As tests continue to be developed and new versions are released we will amend the course to be up-to date. A write-up has been added to the Evaluating Students from Second Language Backgrounds module and a portion of the Effectively Evaluating Young Children module covers the PLS-5.

  3. caitlin

    There were some issues with the audio during a few lessons and being able to make the PPTs full screen would have been easier to read, but overall, the course and contents were laid out well. I enjoyed these lessons and think all SLPs working with CLD populations would greatly benefit from this course.

    • scott

      Great Caitlin! Portions of some of the videos were gathered at the ASHA national conference and state conferences. On 10/25 the videos will be converted to the new HTML5 format meaning that the audio and video will be improved and view-able on all devices. You will also be able to click in the corner to increase the size of the presentation. We really appreciate the feedback. The content is wonderful and due to information like this we can continually improve the experience. Thanks!

  4. Claire Patterson

    Great course! The content is excellent. But several technological issues. I would like it to be full screen for sure. Some of the slides have very small info and it was hard to read. Additionally, a couple of the videos stopped playing during each slide transition, which made it pretty frustrating to have to click every 30 seconds or so for an hour and a half. Once the bugs are worked out, should be a great CEU course! Thanks!

    • scott

      Great Claire!
      It was wonderful having you part of the beta testing group so that we could make the user experience seamless. Your suggestions have all been made in the new release. Videos can be expanded to a larger screen by clicking on the screen icon. All slides transition automatically once the presentation starts. And, the entire course has been converted to allow everything to be viewable on any phone, PC, or tablet (HTML5). Creation of this course was only possible through the efforts of many speech pathologists so I appreciate your participation and suggestions.

  5. Ally

    That’s a sensible answer to a challenging question.

  6. Chonté

    The information provided throughout the presentations was very valuable and easily applicable to our every day experiences as SLPs, particularly those working with CLD populations. The audio was a bit poor for a couple of the presentations and enlarging the screens did not allow for any videos being shown to be seen. I would suggest deleting the handouts that can no longer be opened.

    • ellen.kester@bilinguistics.com

      Thank you so much for this feedback, Chonté. I am so glad that you found the course to be valuable and applicable in your daily job. We strive to support those working with CLD populations. We realize that some of the audio could be improved. Some of the courses were live recordings and we are working to improve the audio quality. We have not had an issue enlarging the screens in the past but will look into that. We will also check the links on the handouts to be sure they can all be opened. We truly appreciate your valuable feedback. It helps us make our products better and better!

    • Scott Prath

      Hi Chonté, A button below each video allows the course to be expanded to the width of the window. Video Enlargement Button
      And thank you for letting us know about the link that was not accessed. I removed the links to other resources online that are no longer there and checked all of our resources to make sure they opened and downloaded.

  7. Barbara

    Great course with tons of useful information, in a clear, easy-to-listen-to format. The classes are easy to digest/ not overwhelming but give surprisingly simple but easy to carry out ways to improve assessment, family interaction, and therapy. There are many ideas that can be used for both monolingual and bilingual children, and are helpful when trying to apply for various dialects (ex. African American English), as well. I have really enjoyed this course! Thank you!

    Just one note for improvement: When you expand the slides to see them bigger, you are not able to watch the video clips, not sure if there is a way to fix that.

    • Scott Prath

      Thank you Barbara! I will look into having the videos play in a larger window.

  8. Lori

    This is a wonderful course for both bilingual and monolingual SLPs. I enjoyed the flexibility of the format (self-paced) as well as the information presented. I read a previous comment about references to outdated tests, and saw you will be updating that–great! Also, don’t forget to include the BAPA. I find it so much easier than attempting an overlay on the GFTA-2. You may also mention that the GFTA-3 Spanish should be out soon.

    I am recommending this course for my colleagues. Thank you for offering such valuable, well-supported information at a low price.

    • Scott Prath

      Hi Lori,
      Thank you so much for your comments! We spent the last two months organizing the tests that are available to speech pathologists for our Developmental Norms Ebook. I added the evaluation material to that book on to the CLD Evaluating Students from Second Language Backgrounds course and will email it to you as well. And yes, adapting the GFTA is really a stop-gap measure for SLPs who don’t have access to the great evaluations for diverse students. Since we launched the BAPA (and the iTap in English) we get great, accurate results in a fraction of the time.

  9. Thandeka Mdlalo

    I am a Speech-Language Therapist in South Africa. The majority of our population is multilingual and multicultural with 11 official languages. The information and courses from Bilinguistics have been of tremendous help in both assessment and therapy. The resources , courses and conferences on culturally and linguistically diverse populations have been particularly invaluable in helping with the distinction between a disorder and difference an guiding intervention. Thank you so much. It has encouraged me to start a website to support parents , teachers and therapists and start a Diversity Centre to support children in need on language stimulation rather than therapy. Thank you!

    • Scott Prath

      Thank you! We shared your comment with our entire team. This made our day!

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Your professional success and happiness are dependent on your ability to identify how to help children communicate better and then move them through their goals.

But what if they speak a second-language at home? Are they hard to understand or having difficulty in the classroom because of the second language? What sounds are difficult to produce because of the second language? Cultural and linguistic competency will make your therapy soar and will put the right children on your caseload.

What does it mean to be culturally and linguistically competent?

Does it mean that you speak two languages? No. Does it mean that you share the culture of the children you work with? No. Cultural competence means that you take into account cultural and linguistic diversity when diagnosing and treating communication disorders.

The diversity of cultures and languages that we encounter in our profession is great. Our confidence in serving this population can be dramatically increased by targeting culture, evaluation, and intervention in a very specific way. Through these modules on cultural and linguistic competence, Bilinguistics offers the breadth of bilingual knowledge that has allowed us to serve multicultural communities, train graduate students, conduct research, and provide professional support for our colleagues since 2002.



Instructional Level and Content Area


The courses in this series have been produced in concert with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s cultural competencies.

Only by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services can we provide the quality of services our clients/patients deserve. Regardless of our personal culture, practice setting, or caseload demographics, we must strive for culturally and linguistically appropriate service delivery.” (ASHA’s Multicultural Issues Board)

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