Bilingual Speech Therapy

bilingual speech therapyBilingual speech therapy ensures that a child who speaks two languages is able to focus on improving true communication deficits and not spend time trying to correct language patterns that are common for all bilingual children.

A bilingual evaluation helps us determine whether a bilingual child’s communication differences are related to their second language or true difficulties.  With a proper diagnosis in Contact us today!
place, bilingual speech therapy can rapidly move a child through his or her goals while taking into account the following:

  • Language Differences – cause grammatical structures to vary across languages. A knowledgeable bilingual speech therapist focuses on the language processes that are shared by both languages and understands when errors are the result of the second language.
  • Accent, Dialect, Phonetic Patterns – can make a child seem unintelligible when they are only struggling with the sounds their native language does not possess. Bilingual speech therapy focuses on the shared sounds of both languages.
  • A Silent Period commonly occurs when a child is first exposed to a new language because of the amount of information that the child is absorbing and learning. It can appear like the child doesn’t understand or is unable to communicate.
  • Codeswitching- is intentionally alternating between two languages on certain phrases or words. This natural process can be mistaken for “not speaking either language well” but there are common patterns that bilingual speech therapy can identify.
  • Language Loss /Attrition occurs with some individuals who lose skills in their primary language if it is not reinforced or maintained. Bilingual speech therapy is necessary in this situation so vocabulary and concepts from both languages can be pooled to get a true picture of what a child knows.


We can never be bilingual enough to serve the diversity of our caseloads.  If you are a monolingual or bilingual professional and want to improve your ability to treat bilingual children:  Subscribe to our blog and check out our continuing education courses.


Great improvements can be made by any child with communication difficulties.  If you are a parent and concerned about your bilingual child:  Contact us today.

Schools and Districts

If you are a district or school need bilingual speech therapy services or staff training:  contact us to reduce the burden on your staff and view our workshops and presentations.

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