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Course Type: Video – 1 1/2 hours

ASHA Course Code: Service Delivery Associated with Speech, Language, Hearing and Related Disorders – 7010

In the era of neurodiversity, many SLPs have expressed confusion regarding their roles in working with those who stutter. This presentation will highlight the current climate, how it relates to what has been transpiring over decades, and how SLPs can provide effective stuttering therapy that supports the personal journeys of each person who stutters.

Join Nina Reeves, cofounder of Stuttering Therapy Resources for a deep dive into current approaches on stuttering and how we view the disorder as a whole.

Level, Authors, and Disclosures

Nina Reeves is a board-certified specialist in fluency differences, and co-owner of Stuttering Therapy Resources. She is an author of clinical materials, and presenter of professional development workshops. For her contributions as a career-long public school SLP, Nina has received the ASH-F Van Hattum Award, the 2019 ASHA Excellence Award for outstanding contributions to public schools and is a Fellow of the Association (ASHA).

Nina Reeves, M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA is owner of Stuttering Therapy Services and Seminars, PLLC and is receiving financial compensation from Bilinguistics for this presentation. She is also co-owner of Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc where she receives intellectual property rights, royalties, and ownership interest. Nina Reeves has no current non-financial disclosures for the content of this presentation.

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There is overwhelming evidence that speech-language pathologists experience decreased competence and confidence in dealing with stuttering disorders. Despite this evidence, clinicians continue to be expected to provide effective stuttering therapy that is steeped in evidence-based practices. This leaves many SLPs at a loss on how to best serve their clients who stutter. In addition, the increased call for respecting neurodivergent perspectives leaves many SLPs feeling confused and struggling to understand how this impacts eligibility and service delivery in their respective job placements.

Participants will:

Assess their current use of disability-affirming practices for stuttering therapy
Prioritize at least 3 changes to current messages they recognize as ableist
Identify 3 activities to enhance the meaningfulness of stuttering therapy

Time-Ordered Agenda:

10 minutes – Introductions and disclosures
10 minutes – Disability-affirming shifts in stuttering therapy
20 minutes – How to make a shift in mindset, model and meaningfulness
15 minutes – Sample activities for enhancing meaningfulness of therapy
05 minutes – Closing
15 minutes – Moderated question and answer session

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