Literacy-based Intervention: Step-by-Step

Bilingual Education
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Welcome to Literacy-Based Intervention: Step-by-step

Successfully Use Storybooks to Reduce Planning Time, Easily Work in Groups, and Target Multiple Communication and Academic Goals

Fun, fast, effective therapy is only a few hours away.

The content in this course has been presented to hundreds of speech pathologists throughout the United States in full-day seminars.  We know what professionals liked, what they thought was useful, and what information they needed to make a dramatic impact on their workload and caseload.  We boiled all of the essential information down to this 3 1/2 course.

More than anything, we can’t tell you how much fun literacy-based intervention will be for you and the students you work with.  Enjoyable and Research-based?  Not possible you say!  Well grab a cup of tea, have a seat, and lean in.  We are about to tell you a story about how speech-pathologists are waking back up to the reasons they joined the field in the first place.

Here is the process:

  • Click on the lesson links below.
  • Each lesson has a video accompanied by handouts and related materials to be used for therapy.
  • Lessons can be taken in any order. But there is a logical order to the course.  We start with the research and fun cultural pieces and then work are way through pre-, during-, and post-storybook activities.
  • At the end of all the lessons you will take a short quiz.
  • Once all of the lessons and quiz is complete you will receive your certificate.

 If you have any questions you can contact me at any time!


Introduction to Literacy Based Intervention

Length: 18 minutes

You have probably used fiction and non-fiction books throughout your career. In creating this course, we tackled research in speech-language pathology, education, and library science to assure that every minute…

Choosing Goals and Taking Data

Length: 22 minutes

In this section we provide dozens of templates with examples of how they can be implemented in your therapy today. All activities found in this book are designed to be:…

Storybook Intervention

Length: 13 minutes

It is important that we take a moment and explain really how simplistic this is. Those of us who are successful with literacy-based intervention, those of us that boost academic…

Pre-Reading Activities

Length: 7 minutes

Many professionals do a really good job while the book is open. But we are burning through therapy materials and not serving students with limited book experience well if we…