What is Early Childhood Intervention?

What is Early Childhood Intervention

What is Early Childhood Intervention?  A successful way to give a child a jump on communication and a great way to spend your professional day.  Research in our field tells us that early intervention is very important to success in speech and language development.

We wanted to put together the most commonly asked questions about early intervention (called “EI” for short in most parts of the US, and “ECI”, or “early childhood intervention” in Texas).  This is information to share with families or use to serve the little ones.  There is also a great need for professionals who want to work with young children.  So, hopefully this list will help you on your way.

Below you’ll find the answers to your questions with links to follow for more in-depth information.

Got more questions?  Let us know.  We would be happy to answer them and add them to our list.

Effectively Evaluating Young Children

early intervention guidebook Check out our Early Intervention Guidebook if you work with young children or are a parent who want to improve your child’s communication.

Written by: Scott Prath

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