Speech Therapy Mobile Applications Best Speech Therapy Mobile Applications (Apps)

We all love using apps and speech therapists are successfully modifying them to meet student needs.

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Why use Speech Therapy Mobile Applications?

  • The Ipad and tablets have the potential to increase motivation, learning, and meaningful communication.
  • Speech therapy mobile applications can be modified for different disorders and for culturally and linguistically diverse children
  • Technology plays a prominent role in society and is changing how information is shared
  • Research shows that using computer technology during speech therapy sessions motivates and engages children (Cochran, 2005).
  • Children with special needs demonstrate interest in the animation, sound output, physical accessibility, and predictability involved in using computer technology (Cochran, 2005).
  • Children who use computer technology in therapy demonstrate fewer behaviors that detract from therapy’s effectiveness and subsequently retain more of what they have learned (Cochran, 2002)

Advantages of Using Mobile Devices and Apps in Educational Settings – ASHA

ASHA’s Special Interest Group 12 Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Pic Card Maker PLUS

$12.99 – Pic Card Maker PLUS is a great app for creating cards, pictures, communication boards for speech therapy and it couldn’t be easier to use! What a fantastic alternative it is to the hundreds of dollars it costs to invest in Boardmaker. This app is one of our favorites!

Stories to Learn

$13.99 – S2L offers parents and educators the ability to create personalized stories using photos, text, and audio messages.

How Would you Feel If…

$3.99 – Select the cards you want students to see, and have them discuss their feelings about a variety of situations. The prompts include questions like, “How would you feel if … you forgot to study for your spelling test?” and “How would you feel if … your favorite football

All About You All About Me Fun Deck

$3.99 – Select the cards you want students to see, and have them ask and answer essential questions about getting to know someone. The prompts include basic questions like, “What is your name?” and “What is your home address?” as well as open-ended questions and prompts like, “Tell me about

Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck

$3.99 – Select the cards you want students to see, and have them answer social skills questions about Politeness, Solving Problems, Feelings, Giving Information, Requesting, Telephone Skills, and Staying on Topic.

Cookie Doodle

$0.99 – Cookie Doodle is the ultimate recipe app. Kids love it. It provides the dough, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, your choice of frostings, sprinkles, and candies all in one easy to use package. Lots of opportunities to elicit speech and language targets.