Speech Therapy Mobile Applications Best Speech Therapy Mobile Applications (Apps)

We all love using apps and speech therapists are successfully modifying them to meet student needs.

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Why use Speech Therapy Mobile Applications?

  • The Ipad and tablets have the potential to increase motivation, learning, and meaningful communication.
  • Speech therapy mobile applications can be modified for different disorders and for culturally and linguistically diverse children
  • Technology plays a prominent role in society and is changing how information is shared
  • Research shows that using computer technology during speech therapy sessions motivates and engages children (Cochran, 2005).
  • Children with special needs demonstrate interest in the animation, sound output, physical accessibility, and predictability involved in using computer technology (Cochran, 2005).
  • Children who use computer technology in therapy demonstrate fewer behaviors that detract from therapy’s effectiveness and subsequently retain more of what they have learned (Cochran, 2002)

Advantages of Using Mobile Devices and Apps in Educational Settings – ASHA

ASHA’s Special Interest Group 12 Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Action Words!™ Two – Flashcards & Video

$19.99- Learn and practice verbs though pictures, text, sounds & a variety of interactive videos. Pause the videos to work on WH questions and model various sentence structures. Use the verb game to test receptive verb knowledge.

Speech with Milo: Verbs

$2.99- Practice verbs by listening to the verb and seeing it in print while watching Milo, the animated mouse, perform the action. You can also listen to the verb in a sentence.

Fun with Verbs & Sentences

$15.99- Create silly sentences using picture visuals and watch your sentence come to life though animation. Practice present progressive and past tense verbs as well as simple sentences.

Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad

$23.99 (free lite version available)- Hear and see how a sound is made in isolation, in words, and in sentence. It also includes videos with cues, recording, playback, rhyming words and randomization. This app is great for people who have apraxia of speech.

Garage Band

$4.99- Record your voice and loop it, copy it, or speak to a metronome. This is great for auditory bombardment, self monitoring, or pacing for fluency. You can also create music with a piano, organ, guitar, and drums.


$2.99- This app works as a dictionary as well as a multiple choice quiz system which provides 700 common idiomatic questions across different topic & categories with explanations.

English Idioms Illustrated

FREE- Join Professor Potts and a MILLION users to discover the secret history of HUNDREDS of beautifully illustrated English idioms, from “Achilles’ heel” to “Wrong side of bed.”