Speech Therapy Goals

Goals Need to Be Measurable

As an SLP, I know that it’s important to write good, measurable speech therapy goals.  I get this.  When I am working with my clients and students, I make sure everything is measurable.  Ruby will produce the pre-vocalic /r/ sound at the sentence level in 7/10 opportunities without prompting across 3 consecutive sessions. Here’s the thing, though.  During the last three years, I have had a chance to work with students at the high school level.  And, this past year, I have worked alongside adults.  This has changed my goal-writing-perspective greatly.

Goals Need to Be Functional

I need to make my goals more functional.  What do I mean by this?  I need to make sure my goals and objectives really impact my client’s day-to-day life.  Case in point—I am currently working with a 24-year-old young man, Chris.  After a few speech therapy sessions and communication with the gentleman, I understand that he is most excited about meal time, creating art and watching his favorite television shows.  His goals are the following:

Sample Goals

Goal 1:  Express wants and needs using a variety of 3-word combinations in 70% of opportunities, given no cues.

Goal 2: Describe (e.g., color, size) using a variety of 2-3word combinations in 50% of opportunities, given no cues.

Goal 3:  Request for a continuation of an activity or more of an item by using 2-3 word combinations in 50% of opportunities, given no cues.

Impact of Goals

So, during his twice-weekly speech therapy sessions, we use his communication device to make a choice for his desired meal items, describe the type of art he wants to create and ask for continuation of House of Payne, a television sitcom.  The speech therapy goals goals directly impact his daily living activities.  Watch this video of Chris as he uses his communication skills to participate in purchasing art supplies and going out to lunch:

Check out our goal bank.  SLPs from across the country have used this free tool to support their goal-writing needs.

Written by: phuonglienpalafox

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    I love y’all so much. I do hope that Ms. Pat is able to work with Chris the way that Ms. Phung did

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    I would love to tell everybody about Bilinguistics I feel that this GREAT people helped my son to get a voice I appreciation everybody in the company

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      San Juana,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We feel lucky to be able to a part of our clients’ communication journeys. – Phuong

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