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Expert Support to Be the Best SLP You Can Be (and still get home on time)

SLPs are incredibly busy professionals who need answers immediately when confronted with difficult situations. We need materials that have been field-tested and actually work. We need a place to ask questions and get expert advice. We need continuing education hours each year that actually help us grow professionally and help us make a difference. That’s why Bilinguistics launched SLP Impact. 

  • Monthly CEU Master Classes to become fast and effective at therapy and evaluations
  • Monthly CEU Q&A Sessions to get expert support for questions and difficult situations
  • 40+ CEU Courses to advance your skills anytime – anywhere
  • Speech Pathology Question Forum to get immediate answers to problems
  • 100+ Downloadable Materials and Templates to save hours of valuable time
  • 20+ Training Videos with Links and Downloads to share with parents and colleagues



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