ceu-multicultural-picture-300x199 Welcome to the slp graduate student resources page! We host students each semester and they help us identify SLP grad student resources they find to be the most helpful.

These documents will help guide you through getting a speech therapy caseload up and running and will serve as useful learning tools.

Click below to see templates to create speech therapy lesson plans was to collect data during therapy, documents outlining the information to include in the language and articulation sections of school reports, and a list of ideas to help teachers know how to support their students in generalizing speech and language skills into the classroom.

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Great SLP Graduate Student Resources

Apples to Apples: Milestones expected of all children regardless of home language

Articulation Norms for Spanish and English

Attendance School Data Spreadsheet

Building Vocabulary and Background Knowledge Recommendations

Common Communication Measures

Data Collection Sheet Example

Evaluation Checklist - Bilingual

Evaluation Report Text Samples

Goals that Apply to all Children Regardless of Home Language

Good Storybooks for Bilingual Intervention

Level of Cueing Support

Phonetic Inventories- Spanish vs English Venn Diagram

Storybook Therapy Intervention Templates

Speech Therapy Lesson Plan Template

Strategies for Generalizing Speech Abilities to the Classroom

Therapy Scaffolding Chart

Biliguistics Blog

Students from Diverse Backgrounds

Can We Use English Standardized Tests For Assessing Students From Diverse Backgrounds?

Assessing students from diverse backgrounds is something that every speech-language pathologist needs to be able to do well. There is not a single speech-language pathologist who only tests those whose cultural, linguistic, and educational backgrounds match their own. Not one single one. Students from diverse backgrounds are over-represented in special

diagnostic accuracy sensitivity specificity

Diagnostic Accuracy of Speech-Language Tests

Interpreting Sensitivity and Specificity As speech-language pathologists we often use speech and language tests as diagnostic indicators for whether someone has a speech or language disorder, and we need to consider is the diagnostic accuracy of these tools. In other words, how accurately do these tools discriminate between people with

Receptive Language Goals That Pack A Punch

Have you ever thought about why we test for a receptive and expressive language disorder pretty evenly but favor expressive language in our therapy?  And how about our goals? Even when a child has a mixed receptive expressive language disorder, why do we focus so much less on the receptive

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