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Happy Birthday, Bilinguistics! 15 Years Serving Students from Diverse Backgrounds

Bilinguistics is celebrating 15 years of providing services and continuing education to support students from diverse backgrounds!Cake with 15 Candles It was 2002, in the middle of our doctoral programs, when Dr. Brenda Gorman and I created Bilinguistics. What drove us to do it was the same thing that drives this company today. We had a passion for helping students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds succeed, and we wanted to help other speech-language pathologists do it, too.

Here is our original mission statement:

We are dedicated to

  • enhancing speech and language services for Spanish-English bilingual children, enabling them to achieve their highest academic and communicative potential
  • providing speech-language pathologists, educators, and other professionals serving students from diverse backgrounds with the most up-to-date information on bilingual language acquisitbilingual slpion and practices for assessment and intervention.

What has changed? We now support students from many different language backgrounds.

In addition to the 12 languages we covered in Difference or Disorder? we have posted details about many other languages and we evaluate students from many, many language backgrounds every year.  As we share in our workshops, once you’ve got the formula down, there’s no language you can’t handle.

What have we done in our 15 years to work toward this mission?

  • We’ve created a free resources page that provides tools and information for SLPs and teachers who work with students from diverse backgrounds.
  • We’ve provided live trainings for SLPs and other educators across the U.S. and beyond focusing on assessment, intervention, collaboration, poverty, Cleft Palate and VPI, literacy skills and social skills
  • We’ve held lunchtime webinars to help SLPs squeeze great continuing education programs into their workday
  • We’ve flown SLPs to beautiful Guanajuato, Mexico, where SLPs from the U.S. attended our courses at Universidad de Bilinguistics SLPs in Guanajuato MexicoGuanajuato, and then applied their skills with children in schools and orphanages in Gunajuato.
  • We’ve provided trainings for doctors, psychologists and teachers in Monterrey, Mexico with EDUX to help them support their children with communication disorders.
  • We’ve presented over 50 times to thousands of SLPs at the Texas Speech-Language Hearing Association (TSHA) and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
  • We’ve volunteered with Austin Smiles for weeklong missions to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico to provide cleft palate surgeries and support.
  • We’ve run summer camps for children with communication disorders.
  • We’ve conducted research on speech and language development.
  • We’ve published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • We’ve contributed to the ASHAsphere Blog and the ASHA Leader.
  • We’ve created and normed cutting-edge speech assessment tools (BAPA and iTAP) for English speakers, Spanish speakers, and Spanish-English bilinguals.
  • We’ve published intervention books for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children, and children in life skills programs.
  • We’ve published incredible resources for intervention, including Difference or Disorder and the Developmental Norms e-book.
  • We have created a weekly blog (that has been honored by ASHA) to support you, you, you.Speech Therapy Blog
  • We’ve collaborated with regional Education Service Centers throughout Texas to support SLPs across our great state.
  • We’ve gotten kids out of special education programs when they didn’t need to be there and into special education programs when they did need to be there.
  • We’ve built a clinic that supports children and adults with communication disorders AND their families.

And most importantly, we’ve helped thousands and thousands of children around the world find their voice, ask to have their needs met, and speak their minds.

It’s a team effort at Bilinguistics, and we certainly couldn’t have accomplished all of this without the collaborative efforts of the amazing SLPs and team members who have been a part of Bilinguistics thus far. Thank you Brenda Gorman, Scott Prath, Maritza Jacobs, Katherine (Marting) Johnson, Kara (Anderson) Sanchez, Phuong Lien Palafox, Maria Mitidieri, Leah Joseph, Erich Reiter, Alisa Baron, Jissel Anaya, Natasha Kanapathy, Anita Ray, Lindsey Williams, Mary (Bauman) Forkner, Adrianne Arrieta-Morales, Keith Lebel, Meagan Morgan, Stephanie Soriano, Lauren Castro, Patricia (Villarreal) Ybarra, Kristin Sankovich, Cristina Villaseñor, Shayne Weinstein, Marie Wirka, Anna (Ubels) McClellan, Emmy Kolanko, Carolyn Artime Gutierrez, Ladaun Jackson, Rebecca Shelton, May-Ling Love, Isabel Garcia-Fullana, Ruby Rojo-Burton, Farinam Pletka, Claire Greenlea, Anne (Duff) Alvarez, Eva Uribe, Lia Johnston, Emily McCullough, Rebecca Eagleson, Gail Goodrich-Totten, Diana Fuentes, Kai Greene, Hilda Gonzalez, Christine Fiestas, Rachel Greenblatt Aghara, Connie Summers, and Anna Fox Dillard.

We couldn’t have done it without you, our awesome community that inspires us to work hard everyday.  Tell us how we’ve helped you support your clients and students from diverse backgrounds.

Written by: Ellen Kester

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