Live Presentations !

Monday, August 10th – Friday, August 14th 3PM-4PM CST

Join us for a 5-day virtual conference focusing exclusively on teletherapy for speech-language pathologists. 

I don’t think any of us knew how this fall was going to shape up, but we knew that teletherapy was on the hearts and minds of everyone working in medical settings and the public schools. 

That’s why we spent this summer developing a series of five, 1-hour courses on the how-tos of speech language teletherapy, intervention, and evaluations.  Watch this 2-minute video to learn more and then register below.

Providing Highly Effective Speech Language Teletherapy

Monday, August 10th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

Providing effective speech language therapy remotely is as much about the administrative process as it is about providing the intervention itself.

This presentation introduces new technologies and interaction styles so that speech language pathologists more easily organize therapy, schedule effectively, increase show-rates, collaborate with parents and teachers, and share materials electronically. Register now.

How to Create Engaging Speech and Language Intervention Using Teletherapy

Tuesday, August 11th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

This is evidence-based practice for our virtual world. Communication gains can be made when speech-language intervention is provided remotely with changes to how sessions are planned, how materials are organized, and how intervention is undertaken. 

We’ll show how you can use literacy-based intervention on a remote platform to help your students achieve robust storytelling skills, work on phonological awareness and speech production skills. What’s even better is that when we do return to in-person learning, this approach to intervention works great in person too. And, we’ll share easy ways to track your students’ progress. Register now.

Conducting AAC and Social Skills Intervention Using Teletherapy

Wednesday, August 12th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

Working on Assistive and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and social skills can feel daunting in a teletherapy world but it doesn’t have to.  The key to success here is picking therapeutic techniques that will work well in remote settings.

We’ll show you how to share tablet screens to facilitate social interaction, facilitate aided-language input, and use core vocabulary for students from preschool to high school. We’ll also dive into active listening skills for family- and teacher-centered practice and we’ll tackle issues of device abandonment and how to deal with the.. Register now.

Conducting Language Evaluations Remotely

Thursday, August 13th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

The abrupt shift to remote services has left evaluators asking many questions about conducting assessments online. 

Here, we demonstrate the basics of teletherapy assessments, including how to conduct formal testing, informal testing, and dynamic assessment. We also bring in the experts to discuss the use of standardized scores for remotely-administered assessments. Register now.

Conducting Telepractice Speech Evaluations

Friday, August 14th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

Speech testing for articulation and phonological concerns is actually pretty straightforward in a remote testing world by knowing a few key insights. 

We’ll show you the process we went through to set up our speech testing, and how easy it can be.  We’ll also explore the different tests available, informal speech testing, and fluency. Register now.