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best books for speech therapy Best Books for Speech Therapy

We all love storybooks because the benefits to our therapy are unequaled.

  • Storybooks provide an excellent way to keep students engaged while addressing their speech and language goals.
  • Storybooks can be used with all ages and cultures.
  • They can be used to address a wide range of goals, including articulation, semantics, syntax, comprehension, pragmatics, and discourse skills.
  • Clinicians can work at different levels depending on the student’s needs.
  • Students generalize skills learned in storybook reading to other settings.
  • Parents can easily become a part of the treatment process at home, which can greatly increase learning and retention of new skills.

Below find the best books for speech therapy that we can use with our children.

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MAGEPlot: This story follows a mischievous kitten throughout each day of the week.
Why we like it: Great book for preschoolers and describing actions on each page.

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