Central Texas Home Speech Therapy

slider-eci-one-670x328Bilinguistics conveniently provides home speech therapy for families in Central Texas.  We know that some children and adults have difficulty traveling to our clinic.  What is important is that you get the services and help that you need.  Often, speech therapy at home is more effective because we target the communication that is needed on a daily basis.  Here are some of the common reasons for home speech therapy:

  • Transportation conflicts
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Children who do not transition easily due to fear or behavior
  • Children who communicate more in their natural environment
  • Clients are currently “medically fragile” meaning they must remain in a certain environment, must have access to medical devices, or fatigue easily due to chemotherapy or a recent illness

How often do you provide speech therapy in the home?

Children and adults typically receive speech therapy 1 -2 times /week for 30-60 minutes.  With a  proper evaluation we can determine how much time a client is able to work for and how much time is needed each week to benefit from home speech therapy.

How far will you travel to provide home speech therapy?

We are conveniently based in Austin and provide services for a large radius around the city.  Contact us with your specific address to see how we can best serve you.  (Home therapy services are based on availability.)

Is there any cost difference between speech therapy in the clinic and home speech therapy?

Not at all.  The decision to provide speech therapy at home or in the clinic is based on what would be most beneficial.  For example, some children respond better at home because it is familiar. Some children respond better in the clinic because it is new and fun.  We want to work in the environment that will provide the greatest ease for the caretaker and greatest ease for the child or adult.

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