Group/Corporate Discount for Online Courses

savingThe content of the courses at has dramatic effects on groups that use our resources. How can we be so confident? We receive positive feedback from the dozens of presentations we give annually. More importantly, we are speech pathologists who are applying research to our caseloads daily.

 50 ASHA CEUs for $10 Each ($500)
25 ASHA CEUs for $12 Each ($300)

Each group purchase generates a code that can be used 30 or 50 times by any of your staff members, on any course, at any time. That is a 20% discount on all CEUs! No membership and no subscription required. Each employee will receive their individualized CEU certificate for each course they complete.

Free Introductory Webinar – Rapidly access useful materials and presentations that match areas of interest or caseload need. is full of great therapy materials, developmental charts, and courses. Let us introduce your therapists to the website so that they can rapidly find the information they need. Individuals have different levels of comfort with technology so we also touch on how to use the website to take full advantage of its convenient features. Additionally, we would like to introduce ourselves. Through our blog and email we are a sounding board for therapy ideas and difficult decisions.

Optional Team Survey – Know your team’s most pressing issues.

Groups benefit immensely from the knowledge that comes from conducting a quick online survey. We send the survey to you to share with your staff and then provide you with a report of the results. Leaders benefit from knowing which issues are priorities, employees identify hot topics, and we can accurately point your staff towards resources that meet their needs.

How does true change occur?
  • Proper identification results in proper caseload size and only seeing children who need our services.
  • Speech Pathologists are happiest when they see tangible gains in therapy and when they are confident in their decision making about qualifying children.
  • Knowledge on second-language influence enables us to effectively treat children from any culture.

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