Ethics CEUs for Speech Language Pathology

Ethics CEUs for Speech Language Pathology are increasingly becoming a requirement.  Speech Pathology is joining a vast number of professions requiring continual ethics training and this brings some really great questions to mind.

Why Ethics CEUs for Speech Language Pathology?

Ethics CEUs for Speech Language Pathology Out of all of the professions that you can name, would you put speech pathology at the top for being unethical?

And Why Now?

Do you feel less ethical now than you did last year? What has changed in our national and international environment that has caused speech pathology and many professions to move in this direction?

Well it turns out that there are major advantages to professional development focusing on ethics. The recent international environment has exposed challenges to how a group is perceived in the world. How “ethical” a group is considered, determines how much buy-in they get from other groups, how much they are trusted, and how much they are able to accomplish.

Ethics CEUs for Speech Language Pathology

There are also economic incentives to being ethical despite the idea to the contrary that people profit by “getting away with something.”

Ethics CEUs for Speech Language Pathology We all know that ASHA is working to increase the number of speech pathologists in the field and there is a direct correlation between job satisfaction, feeling good about what you do (meaning feeling ethical) and job retention.

Take these studies from the field of law as an example:

“Two-thirds of respondents in a survey of California lawyers said they “compromise their professionalism as a result of economic pressure.”

Lawyers in Maryland reported their profession had degenerated so badly that “they were often irritable, short-tempered, argumentative, and verbally abusive.”

Not a direction I think we would be willing to go in Speech Pathology.

Can People’s Ethical Behavior be Changed?

The answer is a resounding YES!
In an extremely intriguing study conducted at some of the country’s major universities, student ethical behavior while taking an exam was fist challenged and then improved by changing the way that the students felt ethically bound to perform.

Come and explore these topics more in depth in this two-hour conversation regarding ethical considerations in the field of speech pathology. Ethics does not have to be boring. Earn ethics CEUs for speech language pathology with this fun and engaging exploration of ethical dilemmas that was presented to an audience of over 500 students and SLPs.
Ethics CEUs for Speech Language Pathology View Course

And this free CEU Course on Ethics for working with students:

Written by: Scott Prath

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