Great Cleft Palate Information in Spanish

columbia (2) Dr. Cate Crowley from Columbia University in New York has come out with some great cleft palate information in Spanish for parents as well as professionals in other countries. I contacted her when I went to Guatemala with Austin Smiles. I distributed her 2012 videos to parents and employees of the hospital there. They were wonderful for training many parents at once. She has come out with some new resources that we’d like to share.

The Leaders Project
  Cleft Palate Information in Spanish

The Leaders Project has documents, a glossary, and over a dozen videos containing cleft palate information in Spanish.  Their  website is designed:
for practitioners, educators, and families. A primary goal is to make resources available to ensure that those from lower income homes, and bilingual and minority children and adolescents receive competent services.”

Cleft Palate Information in Spanish

Additionally, the Leaders Project has video tutorials to improve the speech of children with cleft palate.
Enjoy and let us know anytime you come across great resources of your own!

Written by: Scott Prath

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