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How do we effectively serve diverse populations? We do workshops across the nation to help speech-language pathologists and other educators answer this question.  We have combined two of our most powerful resources with our Difference or Disorder? and Literacy-based Intervention books to help you build confidence in your work with diverse learners.

Difference or Disorder?

Difference or Disorder? provides a framework for understanding typical patterns in bilingual speech and language development and activities to use in intervention.  We use case studies to show you how to apply the framework.  The book is filled with valuable resources that show how different languages compare to English. This helps you know what patterns you might expect to see in English language learners from different backgrounds.

Literacy-based Intervention

Literacy-Based Intervention contains over 200 pages of templates, activity ideas, and materials you need to produce powerful intervention in no time! Storybooks provide a platform to address academic needs and therapeutic goals simultaneously while accounting for social and cultural factors. Everybody loves a good book!  Even kids. Use storybooks in your therapy and make an impact on your students’ goals.

This book shows you how to successfully use storybooks to:

  • Reduce Planning Time
  • Easily Work in Groups
  • Simultaneously Target Communication and Academic Goals

These aren’t books you’ll want to sell back at the end of the semester.  You’ll hang on to these to use in your career as a speech-language pathologist. Together we can serve diverse students well and reduce our caseloads!