How Ethics and Biases Shape Our Decisions: A Fun Look at Research on Heuristics

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In an effort to be as efficient as possible, our brain creates summaries of information and shortcuts based on our experiences. These strategies are helpful in the short term but may not be optimal, perfect, or rational and may cause more work in the future.

In this course, we shared fun and provocative research collected by Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman on how we are all susceptible to our own biases and look at it through the lens of being a speech language pathologist.

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The study of heuristics and biases offers explanations for why professionals struggle to think statistically and make decisions based on “gut feelings” that can sometimes lead to inefficiency or inaccurate work. Heuristics are a problem-solving method developed subconsciously by the brain that allows professionals to reduce the time needed to make a decision and keep working. While they are invaluable to reducing the amount of mental load in our jobs, they can also lead to errors and misinterpretations of situations.

These unintended biases that we all develop carry a disproportionate weight in favor of or against an idea. Biases, like heuristics, are needed because they allow us to develop and lean on our experience. However, too much bias can lead to unfair or a close-minded way of thinking. Luckily, simply by learning about potential biases enables us to identify when we are subject to their influences and can develop new ideas and a new line of thinking.

Time-Ordered Agenda

2 minutes–Introductions and disclosures
15 minutes– The primary and secondary systems for thinking
15 minutes– Clinical research on heuristics and biases
15 minutes– Heuristics and biases that can influence our job as speech language pathologists
10 minutes– Strategies for accounting for bias in our work
3 minutes- Closing

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