Enhancing the Language and Literacy Skills of Emergent Bilinguals

1.5 hours
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Dr. Xigrid Soto-Boykin – University of Kansas

Thursday, September 2nd – 5:00pm-6:30pm CST

Course Type: Live Webinar

Translanguaging is an asset-based framework that encourages bilingual children to leverage their entire linguistic repertoires to communicate.

It is effective for bolstering language and literacy skills of bilingual children with and without developmental language disorders. We include practical strategies for both monolingual and bilingual SLPs working with bilingual children.

ASHA CEUs This course is offered for 0.15 ASHA CEUs

(Introductory Level, Professional  Area)

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FINANCIAL: Xigrid Soto-Boykin received a speaking fee from Bilinguistics.

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