Positive and Successful Individualized Education Program Meetings (IEP Meetings)

1 hour
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Individualized Education Program meetings are critical to developing a solid plan to move students toward their individual goals.

As professionals in the education field, we all have sat in meetings that went well and meetings that did not go well. In this course, we discuss effective strategies that lead to successful Individualized Education Plan meetings.

There are four competencies for IPP.  One involves values and ethics, which speaks to the importance of mutual respect and shared values.  A second competency is related to roles and responsibilities.  This competency speaks to the importance of using the knowledge of your own role and those of others to assess and address our students’ needs.  Third is interprofessional communication, and the importance of interacting with others in a positive and professional way.  And finally, teamwork involves a team-based approach to develop roles effectively for the effective planning and delivery of support for your students (Mulvey, 2016). We will dive in to how to utilize these strategies to have productive meetings.

Participants will be able to:

Identify interactions that lead to negative outcomes in IEP meetings.
Identify interactions that lead to positive outcomes in IEP meetings.
Name three strategies that lead to positive IEP meetings.

Time-ordered agenda

5 minutes:     Introduction to the topic
10 minutes:    Discussion of IEP meeting case studies
5 minutes:     Tips for IEP Meetings
25 minutes:    Elements of Inter-professional Practice (IPP) to Incorporate into IEP Meeting
10 minutes:    Review of case studies with respect to communication strategies and other elements of IPP.
5 minutes:     Concluding remarks and summary

FINANCIAL:  Ellen Kester, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is the founder and owner of Bilinguistics.  She receives a salary.

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