Speech Development in Spanish and English

1 hour
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Improve your speech therapy targets and reduce your caseload by only focusing on errors that are truly disordered.

In the United States alone, 10% (35 million) of the population is Hispanic and this number is projected to double by 2030 (United States Census, 2000).  The international and domestic research communities have responded with a plethora of information concerning Spanish developmental tendencies.  This course presented Spanish speech development as compared to English.   It is easily accessible for both Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers alike and is divided into basic speech topics (phonology, vowels, consonants, and syllable structure) for easy understanding.







Participants will be able to:

  • Describe basic acquisition of speech sounds at the linguistic level
  • Identify speech patterns in English and Spanish that are shared or are different
  • List three phonological processes of Spanish and English
  • Contrast differences between Spanish and English in the acquisition and use of vowels and consonants
  • Analyze differences in syllable types employed by both languages

FINANCIAL: Scott Prath, M.A., CCC-SLP is a salaried employee of Bilinguistics. Bilinguistics receives royalty payments for online courses. NONFINANCIAL: Scott Prath does not have any non-financial relationships to disclose.

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