Semantic and Syntactic Patterns in the English Language Learner

1 hour
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Choose language goals that are related to a disorder and not just due to second language acquisition.

Both word choice (semantics) and word order (syntax) develop differently in bilingual children.  Many of these normal patterns of bilingual development can easily look like hallmarks of language impairment.  This powerful information can help us explore the patterns of language development that occur when two languages are learned simultaneously.







Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basic principles of the Competition Model and its application to bilingual language learning
  • List different types of code-switching
  • Describe how to determine what specific vocabulary to probe in each language
  • Discuss why it is essential to test bilingual children in both languages
  • Describe typical preposition errors and verb substitutions in Spanish-influenced English
  • List common syntax errors produced by English language learners

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