Transforming Our Language to Change Clinical Narratives for Youth with Disorders

1.5 hours
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Dr. Shameka Stanford – Howard University

Wednesday, January 6th – 4PM CST

Course Type: Live Webinar

Effectively advocate for youth with cognitive and communication disorders who are placed at increased risk of delinquency and involvement with the justice system. Accurately discuss and use terminology that is void of biases, violence, prejudice, and negative perceptions. Begin the dialogue on transforming your clinical language and practices to support youth placed at-risk for delinquency. Conduct transformative assessments, write supportive evaluation reports and progress notes, and discuss language disorders in a manner that advocates for evoking change.

ASHA CEUs This course is offered for 0.15 ASHA CEUs

(Introductory Level, Professional  Area)

This webinar is part of our 2021 Diversity Series: Building Equity for Diverse Learners in Special Education


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Equity in education has been at the forefront of our national conversation. We all need to work together to make meaningful and systemic change to promote equity in our schools. In this conference, experts in the field of special education will share strategies that we can implement in our day-to-day jobs to create real and meaningful change.

Whether you are new to the field of special education or speech pathology, or have been in the field for some time, there are tangible strategies you can employ in your practice to support diverse learners in positive ways.

We will reflect on common practices in education, including evaluation practices, educational placement decisions, goal setting, and educational lingo, that have resulted in a significant overrepresentation of students of color in special education programs. We will break down these practices and dialogue about ways we can create meaningful change.

You will walk away with hands-on ways to transform the way you interact with students, parents, and teachers in meetings by focusing on strength-based approaches to considering racial, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. We will discuss ways to increase self-confidence, pride, and educational success in our diverse learning communities.

We will provide strategies for applying an anti-racist lens with dual language learners and dual dialect learners and their families. We’ll discuss ways to reflect on what you write, what you say, and how you choose goals to promote equity.

What better way to kick off 2021 than with a positive approach to transforming educational practices to fully support the diverse learners in our communities?

Join us for a 3-day virtual conference with three amazing speakers.

FINANCIAL: Shameka Stanford, Ph.D., CCC-SLP/L received a speaking fee from Bilinguistics.

NON-FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: Shameka Stanford does not have any non-financial relationships to disclose.