The Gigantic Turnip (El nabo gigante) English-Spanish Bilingual Lit Kit

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Rapidly improve how children understand, organize, remember and convey information all with this fabulous folktale.  The Gigantic Turnip is an engaging story where the entire farm bands together to harvest an enormous turnip. It naturally incorporates loads of vocabulary, tense, and sequencing into a beautiful narrative.

A Lit Kit is a compilation of materials that address a variety of communication, academic, and literacy goals within the context of a book or story.  Easily address goals such as: naming and describing nouns and verbs, vocabulary development, sentence expansion, story sequencing, “wh” question comprehension, and following directions.

The LitKit is a full-colored e-book.  The Gigantic Turnip  and El Nabo Gigante storybooks sold separately on Amazon or are typically available in most libraries.

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There is a reality to working as an educational professional that our materials must reflect. We serve large, diverse populations and our materials must be able to address multiple goals for children who come from diverse backgrounds and different socio-economic statuses. Daunting isn’t it? This is why we have become huge proponents of literacy-based intervention and have built this Lit Kit.

All activities found in this Lit Kit are designed to be quickly referenced and readily available for easy printing or copying. The books can be used to work on a wide range of skills simultaneously. Group teaching and intervention is our reality and our materials need to reflect this. It is a goldmine for those who are short on time.

We have been studying literacy-based intervention for the better part of a decade, have given numerous presentations, written papers, and have created a plethora of our own activities to use with our favorite stories. Most importantly, we have spoken with YOU to gain ideas, insight, and inspiration. We have heard the requests for these materials to be readily available to speech-language pathologists and educators across the country, and are now responding to your needs. The development of this Lit Kit stemmed from teamwork, collaboration, feedback, and commitments to create effective therapy materials that can be easily implemented and utilized (especially with the busiest of workloads and schedules). This LitKit was designed to be used with the folktale “The Gigantic Turnip.” The activities and blank templates can be adapted to all of your favorite books.