Narrative-Based Storybook Intervention E-book

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Successfully Improve Narrative-Telling Abilities with Children from all Cultures.

This 60 page e-book will help you learn how to get the most out of  your SLP-time by using books.   You will maximize student participation and expand the number of weeks you can use the same materials.  Plus, you will have access to 1) Common Core standards related to speech and language, 2) lists of books aligned to grade levels and 3) therapy templates to get your sessions up and running immediately.

Here is what one SLP had to say about this resource:

I have been using this resource for almost a decade.  With the templates provided and my choice of a good book, this tool is a staple in my therapy.  This makes my job easier.  Thank YOU!



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In this e-book, we will show how one set of narrative-based intervention procedures can universally challenge both English and Spanish speaking children. We provide pre-, during, and post-reading explanations and activities to assist in making your literacy-based intervention applicable to all age groups and disorder classes.

More than anything, we hope that the inclusion of storybooks in your intervention, along with the use of the templates we provide in this book, engages your students, improves therapy outcomes, and increases your efficiency in producing therapy materials

And by the way, it’s really fun!
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