Monday, August 24th – Friday, August 28th 3PM-4PM CST

Hello AISD! We are excited to present a 5-day virtual conference focusing exclusively on teletherapy for speech language pathologists. 

I don’t think any of us knew how this fall was going to shape up, but we knew that teletherapy was on the hearts and minds of everyone working in medical settings and the public schools. 

We will meet each day from 3-4 PM You can join each day and find the handouts by clicking below.

Providing Highly Effective Speech Language Teletherapy

Monday, August 24th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

This hour long webinar is packed with time-saving and therapy-enhancing tips and tools.

We’ll show you how to organize therapy, schedule effectively, increase show-rates, collaborate with parents and teachers, and effectively share materials electronically. You’ll be ready for some fun, interactive, and productive speech therapy.

Providing Highly Effective Teletherapy Handouts  

Zoom Tips
Assessing Via Teletherapy
Making Your Own Website for Free
Teletherapy Articulation Assessment Examples
Making Videos for Students and Families
Using Read-Aloud Books Online and Resource where we have compiled Read-Aloud books for you
Engaging with Teachers and Students on Google Classroom
Conducting Language Samples Remotely

How to Create Engaging Speech Language Intervention Using Teletherapy

Tuesday, August 25th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

This is evidence-based practice for our virtual world. We’ll show how you can use literacy-based intervention on a remote platform to help your students achieve robust storytelling skills, work on phonological awareness and speech production skills. What’s even better is that when we do return to in-person learning, this approach to intervention works great in person too. And, we’ll share easy ways to track your students’ progress.

Handouts Engaging Speech and Language Teletherapy   

AISD links and Resources

Story Grammar Rap  

 QChart with DOK Levels   

Photo Analysis

Conducting AAC and Social Skills Intervention Using Teletherapy

Wednesday, August 26th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

Working on Assistive and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and social skills can feel daunting in a teletherapy world but it doesn’t have to. The key to success here is picking therapeutic techniques that will work well in remote settings. We’ll show you how to share tablet screens to facilitate social interaction, facilitate aided-language input, and use core vocabulary for students from preschool to high school. We’ll also dive into active listening skills for family- and teacher-centered practice and we’ll tackle issues of device abandonment and how to deal with them.

Handouts -Conducting AAC and Social Skills Intervention Using Teletherapy

AAC links and AISD AAC resources

Conducting Language Evaluations Remotely

Thursday, August 27th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

Most school districts across the country put speech-language evaluations on hold in March. Yikes. That means we have a bigger pile of evaluation folders than usual waiting for us upon our return. Not only that, we have to figure out how to completely shift our testing process to a remote format. We all have questions about this. Can we use standardized tools? What is the impact on the normative scores? We reached out to experts in the test development world to get answers to these questions, and we think you’ll be relieved when you hear their answers.

We take on language evaluations and show you how to deal with different types of test items that we encounter frequently on standardized language tests. We also demonstrate the use of informal testing approaches and dynamic assessment to show you how we can still make confident diagnostic decisions when testing remotely.

Handouts Conducting Language Evaluations Remotely

Assessment of Fictional Narratives   

Background Information Organizer   

Dynamic Assessment Protocol  

Evaluation Impressions/Notes Organizer   

Evaluation Report Text Samples

Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Allen of Pro-Ed

Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Peña of the University of California Irvine

Conducting Telepractice Speech Evaluations

Friday, August 28th, 3:00-4:00 PM CST

Speech testing for articulation and phonological concerns is actually pretty straightforward in a remote testing world. We’ll show you the process we went through to set up our speech testing, and how easy it can be. There are a number of different tools out there in digital formats that we can use. We all have our own preferences so we’ll cover a variety of tools. We’ll also explore informal speech testing. Fluency evaluations also fall into our speech testing category. We’ll show you how we can approach a fluency evaluation remotely and a tool to help you quickly calculate rates of disfluencies.

Handouts -Conducting Telepractice Speech Evaluations

Bilingual Articulation and Phonology App

Test of Articulation and Phonology (iTAP)

Interview with Barbara Fernandes and Dr. Ellen Kester

Fluency Assessment Calculator