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Accent Modification Accent ReductionAchieve your personal and professional goals by improving your pronunciation in American English!

We provide:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your pronunciation and speaking patterns
  • One-on-one instruction provided  by a certified speech-language pathologist with expertise in bilingualism
  • Training that fits into your schedule
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Make the greatest impact in your career, school, or relationship with instruction that focuses on your specific goals.

Do people often ask you to repeat yourself?

Do you fear public speaking due to your English pronunciation?

Could improving your pronunciation advance your career?

Would you like to pronounce American English with ease and increased confidence?

Who are accent modification programs for?

Many people who come to the United States for work or school may feel a need to modify their accent to improve personal interactions and advance themselves in the workplace. Our bilingual speech-language pathologists can develop an accent modification program for you.

Why choose Bilinguistics?

accent modification austin

1. We are bilingual and we understand the importance of living in a multicultural world.

Our group of speech-language pathologists specializes in bilingualism.  We are all certified and licensed bilingual speech-language pathologists with unique expertise in bilingual language development, second language acquisition, and cultural variation.  We understand the intricacies of two (or more) languages interacting and the challenges of working across languages and cultures.  We are here to support your communication needs to make you successful in your endeavors.

2.  We are published authors and researchers on bilingualism

Our success locally has resulted in national acclaim for our books, presentations,  and evaluation materials as we continue to grow by helping the bilingual community.

Individualized Programs

Accent modification is not a one-size-fits-all program. At Bilinguistics we individualize programs based on our client’s native language, reason for seeking training, and workplace needs.  An effectively designed program combined with a motivated client will yield optimal results.

One-on-one support with immediate feedback

Immediate, personalized feedback is essential in an accent modification program.  We will carefully monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed.

Is there a difference between Accent Modification and Accent Reduction?

These are two names for the same type of support.  We prefer the term Accent Modification to Accent Reduction because there is not an “accentless” way to speak.  English Accent Training is another term that is used.  While we most frequently help people with accents in English, accent modification programs can also support native English speakers learning other languages.

How does accent modification training work?

Step 1: We compare and contrast the native language with English.

Step 2: We record our clients in different speaking situations.

Step 3: We evaluate which features of the native language are used when speaking English.

Step 4: We teach our clients to hear the differences between English produced with and without influences from another language.

Step 5: We show our clients how to change productions one feature at a time and provide opportunities to practice.

Presentation and public speaking skills

While enhancing public speaking skills is not at the top of everyone’s list, it is critical for some.  Our speech-language pathologists who are experienced public speakers have incorporated elements of effective public speaking into the accent modification training program.  Many of these tips can support effective interpersonal communication as well.

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