A Bit About Our Team

Since we are asking you to interact and start a conversation with us on our blog, we thought it might be good to first introduce who WE are. My name is Dr. Ellen Stubbe Kester and I am the co-founder and president of Bilinguistics. I started the company during my doctoral program at The University of Texas at Austin in 2002 as I saw a need for information about bilingual language development and intervention. Six years later we’re still growing and have some great products and resources to share with all speech-language pathologists and early intervention specialists who work with bilinguals and English language learners. You can read my bio and that of other Bilinguistics team members.

My first requirement in hiring each person on our team was that I would want to be a part of a team with that person. Our group works very closely together on everything we do, from developing workshops and intervention materials to creating new continuing education courses (CEUs) and providing services. Everyone on the Bilinguistics team is very driven, very creative, and very interested in moving the field forward. We all have different strengths and we use that to our advantage to create great products and workshops and to provide high quality services for the bilingual population. The most important thing though is that we all laugh a lot and we really love what we do.

Written by: Scott Prath

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